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Natura Proda Medica publishes medical research journals on natural products. It aims to share knowledge about the uses of natural products on treatment of diseases, as well as maintenance of human health. Welcome to submit papers for our publication. We will select and publish your papers in accordance with the necessity.

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2022 Publications

2022 Feb 14 Zidane Yeung's Facebook

P.S.不需要對照組 (對照組既意思係搵一組已經中咗omicron特登唔給藥做對照,又或者搵一組健康嘅,特登攪到佢地感染咗omicron, 然後再給藥。)
不需要對照組,就簡單連續幾日,給藥去中了omicron 嘅生命,看看有沒有效就可以。

既然必理痛對某些omicron 患者有效,即omicron 患者需要的是安慰劑作治療,即無論是必理痛,或是中醫開的中藥製劑,又或是中成藥,或是某些藥膳,都可能有效。以下全是食物,我比較喜歡藥食療法,值得推介。



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