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Natura Proda Medica publishes medical research journals on natural products. It aims to share knowledge about the uses of natural products on treatment of diseases, as well as maintenance of human health. Welcome to submit papers for our publication. We will select and publish your papers in accordance with the necessity.

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2019 Publications

YEUNG Ming Fai.Omni-bearing Approach on Treatment of Eczema. Natura Proda Medica, 2019, 8: 1-2. (PDF)

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If someone unfortunately catch a disease and is decided that western drug treatment is too toxic to be tolerated, these alternative therapies would be tried. We cannot induce diseases to healthy animals (or even a person) to get a certain disease as a reason for trying drugs or alternative therapies. It is immoral to artificially put a bacterium into a human or animal, or to make a person sick with black magic or cursing without the patient consent. On the other hand, the right way to try alternative therapies is that if an animal or a person accidentally or naturally be suffered from a certain disease and they do not want to use traditional western medicines because of their toxicity.

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